Date: 20th Jan 2022


Kindly be informed our courier service operation will be close in conjunction with the CHINESE NEW YEAR festival as per below.
Please plan accordingly on the parcel delivery before and after Chinese New Year with the schedule provided above.

Date: 18th October 2021

Wellous 5 周年幸运抽奖:《幸运敢敢拼》

配合 Wellous 5 周年庆典,Wellous 将向来自马来西亚、新加坡、香港、台湾、印度尼西亚、澳门和文莱的忠实客户赠送多达 350 份价值超过 RM500,000 的奖品!除了智能手机、高端家电、平板电脑和PlayStation、999金饰品、品牌厨房电器和现金奖,我们还为不同地区的客户准备了特别大奖🤩🤩🤩🤩:

文莱大奖:30g 金条
新加坡大奖:30g 金条
印度尼西亚大奖:本田 PCX 160 CBS
台湾大奖:Gogoro 电动摩托车

是的!!为了表达我们对马来西亚客户在过去 5 年的大力支持,我们准备了最受欢迎的大奖🤩 --- 奔驰A级!


1️⃣ 从授权经销商处购买 Wellous 产品
2️⃣ 扫描产品二维码
3️⃣ 填写资料,核对商品真伪
5️⃣ 填写个人资料并按提交
6️⃣ 耐心等待抽奖结果!

👉🏻还在等什么?现在就加入我们的【Wellous 5 周年幸运抽奖:《幸运敢敢拼》】吧‼️

第一轮:2022 年 11 月 20 日
第二轮:2021 年 12 月 18 日
第三轮:2022 年 1 月 8 日
最后一轮:2022 年 1 月 15 日

👉🏻 https://wellous.com/fifthannivesaryluckydraw

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Wellous Wellnessmall Lucky Draw Malaysia Signgapore

Date: 20th SEPT 2021


Wellous is proudly present to you, our new heathly weight management solution ZENSO, we believe a healthy weight should be within reach when ultimate health is achived.


Wellous唯乐全新推出健康体重管理配套ZENSO, 我们相信在实现极致健康的前提下,可以达到健康体重.

Wellous Zenso Wellnessmall Malaysia Signgapore

Date: 7th Aug 2021

PUBLIC HOLIDAY – Awal Muharram

Kindly refer below, Wellous's warehouse operations schedule for coming holiday.

Malaysia and Indonesia warehouse will be closed on 10th August (Tuesday)
The warehouse will resume operations on 11th August (Wednesday)

Our heartiest wishes to all our Muslim friends a Happy Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah) and Happy Holiday to all!
Thank you.



马来西亚和印度尼西亚仓库将于 8 月 10 日(星期二)休息一天。

我们向所有穆斯林朋友致以最衷心的祝福,祝大家 Happy Awal Muharra (Maal Hijrah)和节日快乐!
Date: 10th Jun 2021

KidAone™️, Microbiome

KidAone™️ Microbiome is the first kid’s formulation of [probiotic + prebiotic + postbiotic] in Malaysia! The golden combination possesses a synergistic effect that provides comprehensive care for gut and overall health!
To ensure a happy childhood and healthy body, all your kid needs is a sachet of blackcurrant flavored KidAone™️ Microbiome daily!

KidAone Microbiome


KidAone™️ Microbiome是大马首个结合了【益生菌+益生元+后生元】的三强儿童配方,通过多重协同效应,全面保护孩子的肠道与整体健康!
一天一袋黑加仑口味KidAone™️ Microbiome,为孩子打造健康肠道、缔造无忧童年!

KidAone Microbiome首创3效儿童益生菌

Date: 19th May 2021

KidAone™️, Elderberry+COLOSTRUM

Wellous’s 1st kid’s product received "Best Immunity Supplements for Kids"
As the first product specially designed for kids and introduced under Wellous’s kid’s series KidAone™️, Elderberry+COLOSTRUM has received its first official recognition from Readers’ Choice Award 2020 by Natural Health & A Healthy Lifestyle, the “Best Immunity Supplements for Kids”!

KidAone Elderberry + COLOSTRUM


作为首款专为儿童设计的产品,并在Wellous的儿童系列KidAone™️中推出,Elderberry + COLOSTRUM已获得《自然健康与健康生活方式》杂志2020年读者选择奖的首个官方认可,“儿童最佳免疫补充剂”!

KidAone Elderberry + COLOSTRUM

Date: 8th APRIL 2021


Wellous is proudly present to you, FIRST in Malaysia- HOMEGA [Fish Oil + Vitamin K2 & D3], enjoy a hearty life with the comprehensive formulation!


Wellous唯乐全新推出Tigrox系列Homega【鱼油 + 维生素K2 & D3】, 大马首款3大王者组合,全方位护心配方.

Date: 20th March 2021

Best Brand Award

Wellous is beyond grateful to have been honoured with Meritorious Achievements for in The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2020!
SOBA Awards are The Star's efforts to bestow unparalleled recognition on the exceptional achievements of the outstanding local corporates.


The Star杰出企业奖 (SOBA Awards ) 金奖收入囊中,Wellous唯乐再获最佳品牌认可!
唯乐感到非常荣幸能够在2020年的SOBA Awards中荣获最佳品牌 (Best Brand Award) 金奖!SOBA Awards是The Star在表彰新兴企业及其对马来西亚经济的贡献方面所做的努力。

Date: 18th Feb 2021

Latest version boxes – FRUSSO

Dear All Valued Customers,

Pleased to announced on FRUSSO latest version boxes as below changes: -

i) Halvec logo printed on packaging box
ii) Amended company address

Attached herewith attachment above for your reference.

Date: 31st Jan 2021

Beware Of Counterfeit Products

Dear All Valued Customers,

Kindly be informed that counterfeit products have been spotted on Marketplace recently.

The shop mentioned is not an authorized dealer of the product Bio-Lingzhi.

Please observe the details below on how to differentiate between the authentic and counterfeit product based on the packaging.